Warehousing & LCL

WIL Shipping provides shipping consolidation for companies and individuals who would like to make multiple purchases and enjoy discounts by bulk shipping their goods internationally from different suppliers and vendors. Shipment Consolidation allows our clients to process their cargo faster, without having to wait for a full container load.

WIL Shipping offers weekly consolidation services to most destinations around the globe, with a door pickup services from any location within the United States. We enable businesses to focus on their core competencies. Focus on making and marketing your products. Let us distribute them quickly, accurately, and efficiently.

Whether your company is in need of general warehousing, repackaging, loading, material inspection or a full-service order fulfillment system, WIL Shipping is your solution. In today’s fast paced business world, you need flexibility and quick response to satisfy your customer’s needs.

Our team recognizes the importance of continued customer support and responds quickly to customer inquiries or any complaints for immediate problem resolution.

We can package, label, skid and prepare your material to ship anywhere, safely, and professionally!

WIL Shipping can track, unload and warehouse inbound or outbound containers. Whether domestic or international, we can provide the documents and services you require, for both, customers and suppliers.